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It is necessary to quickly have a follow up piece having written on the possibility of miracles out of troubles. This will be the balance between the expectation of miracles and the results that we want. There are things we must do for those troubled times to come to an end. We have a part to play. I also should say that miracles come with a responsibility. In fact, our responsibility probably make the miracles possible.
When we fail to recognize the fact that miracles come with responsibilities, we are likely going to become irresponsible. We probably would think that the way to get a miracle is to just wait and it will happen for us. Should I remind you that there are so many others who want the same miracles that you want? I have seen people who just keep hoping that things will change and because of that they do nothing. They watch things get out of hand and the wait for miracles! In that case, what you will get is not a miracle but a disaster.
When you do nothing you should expect nothing. It is only after you have done something that you should expect something. The results you get may be far higher than your input but the rule is that you have a role to play in every good thing that must happen in your life.
Do you remember the women I made reference to in the article ‘Miracles out of troubles?’ She made a move. She did not just sit at home and expect that someone will just show up and pay up her debts. If she did not make any move, her sons would have been taken away. Then she will realize that miracles don’t just happen.
What are the moves that the woman made?
1. First, she went to a prophet for possible solutions.
2. She had to think when the prophet asked questions.
3. She was given a strange instruction and she believed it.
4. When she got the instruction, she carried it out to the letter.
5. I believe she did something with the oil that came as a result of the obeyed instructions.
When you are in trouble you have to make a move. Talk to the right people for possible solutions. Don’t go around talking to people who will only grumble with you. The people who are going to make you feel it’s okay to be in that situation are not the people you should be found with. Life has a lot to offer you but nothing will happen if you don’t make any move or the right move. It is important to say that it should not just be any move. It must be the right move to get the right results.
Sometimes it is the instruction from a coach or a mentor that will save you from some big troubles. You should not just say you have mentors, coaches or role models. It is in this present dispensation that I see people bragging about their coaches! They tell you someone is their coach or mentor just to brag that they know the person. Mentors, coaches and role models are not people you simply brag about! They are people who can completely alter the cause of your life and you must learn from them.
To do nothing and to expect a miracles out of troubles is to be irresponsible and you can’t afford the results! Take responsibility and then you can expect results in the most amazing ways!

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    1. Oh my God! Dr. N, that’s … I’ve lost words! Do people still do that? Wow! Well, while I’m still laughing about what you said, that counts for doing something wrong! God’s true gifts can’t be paid for!

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