Your script will end well | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes you wonder what’s going on in your life. You don’t seem to understand anything and can’t provide explanations for even those things that started well and fizzled out or simply stagnated. You’ve checked to see if you weren’t working hard enough. You also doubled your efforts in anticipation of great results. Despite hard work and networking, nothing seems to be working.

This is an experience I can relate with. I have gone through it and still going through some at the time of writing this article. It’s hard when people you know can’t help you or some are simply not helping. It’s tough when people seem your plight and ignore you. It’s disheartening when nothing you know how to do is working.
Situations like this make us look like lazy people. Those who have their results as they planned or desired think that they are smarter or it was something they did right. A fee people speak arrogantly and make you look like a lazy bone who’s not willing to learn and make required sacrifices for the desired results.
I’ll just remind you that when a seed goes into the ground, no one sees anything. The seed is simply dead. Depending on the type of seed planted, you may see results in a few days or wait a few weeks. Maybe the people who are intimidating you with results planted seeds that can sprout in a few days. That’s certainly a small and nearly insignificant seed. Maybe your seed needs time. I remember the story of a type of bamboo that does not grow well when its first planted. While you’re seeing a stunted growth on the outside, the tree is developing it’s roots underground. After a while, the same bamboo trees grows speedily within nine months to several feet.
Your present situation is part of your life’s script. I believe your life’s script was well written. There maybe some rough parts and downtimes but it’s to make the story a good one. With this in mind, I am confident about the fact that your story will end well. Where you are now is not the end of the story. There are other chapters that will open up.
As a student of literature, a story is called anticlimax if the story opens from the tensed part and everything calms down and probably ends well. It’s called climax when there is a build up to the tensed part of the story. I think you story is an anticlimax. God is giving you all the hard scenes now so that you can put it in your past and move on to the sweet scenes. Nobody really likes a story where someone starts out well in life and loses everything. We enjoy it when someone starts with nothing and eventually makes so much out of a little situation. Again, I believe God is letting you start from where you are and he’s going to bring you up to a much better place.
Don’t be discouraged! Keep going. The script you’re acting will end well.
That story you’re acting wasn’t designed to end as a stalemate. Your story wasn’t design to end in a tragic manner. Yours is the ‘happily-ever-after’ kind of story and that’s what you’re going to experience. Your story is one in which all your struggles were meant to be rewarded. Your shame was planned to turn to fame. Your agony was going to be the glory and that’s what will happen. Don’t focus on just this scene in your life. Focus on the end of the story where everything was designed to end well and it will end well.
I can tell you that nothing is wrong with you just in case you thought something was wrong with you. I’m sure that this is a phase because stories can be in phases. Even where the story has ended, the writer can decide to write a series or do a sequel to the previously concluded story. In this sequel, he brings characters back to life, changes their perception, gives them more power or take away from it. The writer just writes as he pleases and the actor simply plays along.
Your case is better because you’re the actor of the script and God, the best author in the entire universe with the most intrigues and turnaround ever seen is your writer. With a writer like this, your story can only end well!

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