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If you are like me in some ways then you must have been asking or wondering when your time will come to take the centre stage. As a professional public speaker I have watched other speakers on some very big platforms speaking and I wonder what they are doing there or how they got them in the first place. I know that deep within me I can do better than a number of them if given the chance. You may have seen someone doing something in your field as well and you know you can do better than that person. You also wonder why they keep inviting such people who don’t even command as much respect as you will do if given the chance.
One of the things you need to know is that those people you are seeing are in their time and your time will also come. I should also say that I was inspired to write this when I saw a young actor who was only taking some minor roles. He saw him in company of some other well known actors who are referred to as the masters of the game. I said to myself, ‘some years down the line he will also be referred to as one of the masters of the game. His time will also come.’
There is no one that you know as a star today who was not an obscure person at some point. They used to be in positions where no one knew them or paid much attention to them. They had the skills and the talents but they were still not known. Eventually their time came and they became the stars that we know today.
It will not make any sense to look at those who are succeeding today and to get jealous of their success because you are not there yet. Remember that those who are up there today started from somewhere and they have paid their dues over the years. They are now being rewarded for the dues they have paid over the years and they also deserve to enjoy the fame and attention they are getting.
Once in a while I look at leaders of nation and all I can say to myself is that my time will come. I want to encourage you to do what I do rather than getting green with envy. When you see someone riding a better car or you don’t even have a car at all, just say to yourself that your time will also come. When you see someone who’s buying up the kinds of houses you will want to live in, just say to yourself that your time will also come. When you see others getting to the positions that you aspire to be in, just remind yourself that your time will also come.
Asking you to remind yourself that your time will also come is not just an inspirational gimmick that has been cooked up to encourage you. It is to remind you of the fact that so long as you are working, you are entitled to rewards and in due season your rewards will also come.
A very recent even that proves this is true is the Ballon Dior awards by FIFA. For several years Lionel Messi kept winning the award of the best player in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo was always in that event hoping to win but he never won! Finally in 2014, his time came and he won the most coveted award in football.
I honestly have no doubt that your time will come. I need to say that you can only expect that great moment to come when you have been working at it secretly. As Bishop T.D. Jakes would say, ‘nothing just happens.’ I believe that you have a role to play and you should always see yourself as an actor in the movie called your destiny. The potential success of the movie will depend on your ‘acting.’ Keep working, keep going and keep hoping then you time will come!

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  1. Wow! Am glad my spirit mind finally led me here today. lol. This is so motivating which have said before, it seems Mr fola Daniel monitors my thinking faculty every time. Every post come directly to me as if ‘YOU DON HEAR?! SO, STOP COMPLAINING! JUST KEEP ON!’
    Am so glad, opportune to have you sir here and other social network. Am so opportune and I wish you the best always! More creativity sir.

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