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Well I was not such a fantastic student in Biology as a secondary school student but I have some of the lessons in Biology that I will never forget and will continue to use in illustrations to drive home my points in many years to come! One of such lessons is what I was taught on Tolerance Range! In simple words, you can say it is the limit to which any living thing can bear the condition in which it finds itself especially in relation to the hotness or coldness of its environment!
In one of such classes that I took, I remember the a beautiful illustration about a cockroach in a refrigerator and the point was that if the refrigerator was as cold as it should be you will never find a cockroach inside it and when it is not as cold as it should be then you will find all sorts of living things inside the fridge! Those living things have a limit to which they can bear hotness or coldness in any given condition and I think the same applies to our visions!
When a living thing suddenly finds itself in a dysfunctional fridge, it can living there for as long as it wants to but when the fridge is as cold as it should be, it will look for the first opportunity to jump out! When your vision remains inside you and nothing pushes it out of your belly then it means that you still have a lot of work to do! Your belly or your mind where you house your vision should either be too hot or too cold for your vision to remain there dormant for so long!
One major reason you may find living things in a fridge could be because the fridge has been unplugged! Some of us have unplugged ourselves from everything fanning the flames inside us and that’s why our visions can remain dormant!
One important thing you have to do is to get your vision out of its cold region! You have allowed it to stay too long in that region and that’s why you have not been able to do anything with it all this while. If you are not careful you will never even do anything with it until to carry it to the grave! Get your vision out of the cold region! Plug yourself back into everything fanning the flames inside you! The tapes, the CDs, the motivational articles you read, the mentors that you listen to who have charged you up to be able to think and conceive a vision should be brought back into the scene!
You can’t afford to allow the vision remain useless in that cold region especially considering the fact that some other people’s destiny depend absolutely on yours! There are people who will never rise in life until you rise and there are people who will keep wondering in the wilderness of life until you have a direction in life. Some other people will never get their financial independence until you have a breakthrough and show them the way to do it legitimately!
From the day that I came to the knowledge of how people’s destinies depend on mine, I have made up my mind never to stop until I maximise my potentials so that others can discover, develop and maximise their potentials!
Other people’s destinies depend on yours! Get your vision out of the cold region and activate it now!
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