Zeal and Desperation – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have already talked about the differences between vision and ambition in one of the numerous articles that you probably have read on my site but I have this one to add to it. If you really want to identify the differences between the people who have visions and ambitions then you just need a great understanding of the words “zeal and desperation.”
The person who has an ambition is desperate about so many things and the reason he would be desperate is because he has the ambition for a selfish motive. The one who has a vision has a zeal and the zeal is controllable because he knows that he needs the zeal for the execution of the task at hand and he know when to be zealous and when not to be over zealous with what has to be done. Often times the reason for desperation is that the person who has ambition keeps thinking about what’s in it for him. What he stands to benefit and what he will gather for himself alone but the other person who has a vision thinks about what other people will gain so the zeal is geared towards people’s benefits in whatever he is doing.
You really have to put yourself to check and be sure that you are only zealous and not desperate for what needs to be done. Go ahead with your dream but always put your passion under check. Be sure it is not for ulterior motives because only zeal can get you and your team to your destination. Your desperation will make you think less of others and more of yourself and you don’t care what happens to them. You will not mind stealing just to have what you need when you get desperate. That is what a lot of people are desperate to make money. They kill other human beings and back bite other people to make money. Writers blackmail people to make money but this is all desperation because there’s a difference between desperation and zeal.
The zeal we are talking about is devoid of evil intentions so you really want to achieve but not at the expense of other people. You want to make money and you have the zeal so you justify your zeal by reading and getting the necessary information to get wealth. One of the things that help you understand the differences between desperation and zeal is that with desperation you are always thinking about getting and you see everything as a right but with zeal you see the offers that come your way as a privilege. When people refuse to help you they are not seen as wicked people who don’t want to help. You understand that they own their money and can choose who to help and who not to help with the money.
Desperation comes alive in your voice if you are a desperate person. You always want to boss people and sometimes make them feel guilty for not helping you even when they are not under any obligation to help you. If you continue this way you will end up blaming people for your failure. People are not willing to help desperate people but they are willing to help zealous people who have a properly guided zeal.
You need to begin a re-channeling of your desperation and turn it into zeal. Don’t always put people under pressure when they have to do things with you or for you. Let people know your passion for the things you do but let them see that you also put them to consideration. Be zealous but not desperate!


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